Unlimited Potential provides counseling and coaching services to both individuals and couples and specializes in the following areas. Click to reveal a detailed description of each offering.


Personal Growth

Are you in the process of making a major life change? I can help you find the direction and empower you to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Holistic Wellness

Are you struggling to find meaningful ways to incorporate wellness into your life? By using a collaborative approach, I can help you integrate strategies to optimize your emotional, mental, and physical wellness.

Relationship Strengthening

Are you and your partner struggling to understand each other? Communication is the key to any relationship, but too often it can become the biggest stumbling block. I can help you and your significant other increase your communication skills and strengthen your relationship.

Life Transition

Do you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to take? Perhaps you are facing a career transition or have recently become an empty nester. By working collaboratively we will uncover your passions and strengths to assist you in moving forward.  

Goal Attainment

Is there something you have always wanted to do, but have been unmotivated or too scared to try? We will work together to prioritize your goals and achieve your dreams.  

Achieving Balance

Do you often feel that there just isn’t enough time in the day? Are you overwhelmed by the many responsibilities and demands of daily life? I can help you develop time management techniques to achieve work/life balance.


Anxiety and Stress Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of control? By working together and exploring the root cause of your anxiety, I can help you develop the coping skills needed to regain control of your life.  

Identity Development

Do you often feel unsure of yourself or as if you are invisible or insignificant? I can help you identify your strengths and gain a sense of empowerment.  

Relationship Issues

Are you and your significant other experiencing distance and lack of communication? Perhaps you are contemplating divorce. Through couples counseling we will develop a safe place to explore the root of these issues.

Women’s Issues

Have you ever felt insignificant or powerless? Perhaps you are a survivor of abuse or trauma. By working together we will develop skills to help you find your voice and empower you to take control.


Are you struggling with your sexual identity? By creating a safe place to explore these questions and discover your true self, we will work together to gain a sense of empowerment and self-acceptance.

Family Dynamics

Families can be stressful, but by understanding the dynamics of potentially unhealthy situations, you can learn to navigate the situation in a way that will empower you.

I have happily been a client of Adrienne’s for approximately 9 months. I initially came to her while at a crossroad in my professional and personal life, and was seeking guidance. From the onset, Adrienne instinctively tailored each session to meet my needs; whether it be counseling, life coaching or a balance of both. I have met with counselors at different points throughout my adult life, but can genuinely say that this is the first time I have consistently worked with a counselor beyond two or three sessions. The commitment I have to working with Adrienne is due to not only her effective methods, but to her approachability and compassion as a person.